Interface Gallery Experience

Gallery Pic.png

Building upon the theoretical motivations for my TwitterFace appI plan to make an interactive experience wherein users interact with two tablets, sitting at roughly eye-level and facing in opposite directions. Each tablet displays the front camera of the other user, so that the users can see each other and an interface-mediated image of the other. The users are then able to type messages which will appear on the other's tablet superimposed over the image. At certain intervals an algorithm will insert mean or offensive messages from a database, which are interspersed with the users' real messages, such that the users will assume the other composed the message. The inserted messages will increase in the intensity of their inappropriateness slowly over time. 

After a few minutes the app will end the experience and reveal which of the messages were user generated and which were pulled from the database. The experience is designed to get the users to question their own assumptions that the messages, though mediated by an interface were the genuine communications of the other user, as well as to have an emotional reaction to the content of the messages themselves.