5 Must-Sees for Emerging Film Nerds

Anyone with half a brain in their body can sense that the prevailing winds of media consumption have changed.  For most of us, content is delivered to us constantly via Twitter feeds, Podcast subscriptions, and those hate-to-love clickbait posts on Facebook.  If I want to know more about something I can get 15 daily reminders about it on my phone.  Without going into the morality of this new paradigm, the near-constant bombardment of bite-sized bits of "Oooh, pretty!" can be overwhelming.  So, here are 5 of the best sources of nerd-gasmic content for those of you film nerds out there.

1. Film Riot (YouTube Channel)

If you are interested in making films professionally, or just like knowing how to recreate your favorite Hollywood tricks and techniques. Their videos are hilarious, informative, and strangely addictive.  Be prepared to forget your to-do list and waste half a day binge-watching.

2. Directors Notes (Blog and Podcast)

This is one of my go-to sources for cool new indy movies to watch! Their reviews are thoughtful and well-written, and their podcast has some great interviews with independent filmmakers.

3. WTF with Marc Maron (Podcast)

If you haven't heard about WTF yet, you're missing out!  The host, Marc Maron, is a stand-up comic and the creator and star of Maron on IFC. The show's interviews range from comics and actors, to directors, musicians, authors and more.  Marc Maron is a thoughtful and introspective interviewer with a kick for getting your favorite stars to really open up about their personal and professional struggles, thoughts on their work, and other deep stuff that you always wanted to know but no one ever asked them.  This show is the antidote to all the "Who are you wearing?" bullshit Hollywood interviews that fill your social media feeds.

WTF on iTunes

4. Nerd Reactor (Blog)

No nerd list would be complete without Nerd Reactor.  The best source of Nerd Culture  and Entertainment news out there.  If it goes to ComicCon, involves Marvel or Joss Whedon, then it's on Nerd Reactor.  


5. Strictly Film School

This last one is for serious cinema nerds.  All articles are written by Acquarello (aka Pascual Espiritu), a cinephile, who has written concise articles about hundreds of classic films.  Organized by director, the site is a great way to find your next Criterion Collection rental.